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Give a Pig
Give a Pig
Give a Pig

Give a Pig

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Your gift of a pig has the power to transform the livelihood of those around the world. Your donation not only supplies a pig for a family burdened by hunger, it provides an education for them through veterinarian-based training on proper animal care and disease prevention. The gift of a pig enables them to earn added income, provide for their family and even have natural fertilizer for improved crops. When the offspring are born, one is given back to the program to help another family in their community.  Because of your gift, the joy and hope of Christian love is multiplied throughout the community.

Is this the right gift for my loved one?

We believe it is! But here’s what others have to say about the gifts they’ve purchased and their giving experience …

Veterinarians make all the difference! We can share Christ in a village, and maybe get to talk to 5 people; but when the vets come, we talk to 80 people, who often ask why we came, and we tell them about the love of Jesus! In this one village, about 60 people made decisions for Christ, and a church was planted.

Keith, E3 Partners

I considered it impossible to build a house before my goat gave the firstborn. I learned that everything is possible through God! And now I can open a cafeteria to show the benefits of goat milk to the villagers, especially for the children.

Melania, Tanzania

Last year, a total of 10,869 students and adults attended our herder trainings and many of them heard the Good News and we know of 416 of them who accepted Christ. Praise the Lord!

Pagma, VET NET, Mongolia


Three steps to changing a life

The Animal Impact Gift Guide makes sharing the love of Christ easy this Christmas. Your gift of an animal or veterinary service transforms lives by providing sustainable sources of food and income to families living in poverty.

Purchase a gift

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Print a card

Send it to the person you wish to honor.

Celebrate the change

Your gift will truly impact a life.